Jermaine's Latest Post On Food

20 July 2017

So here we go again it’s the week before the schools break up and the real summer begins for myself.

and my team in the kitchen at The Red Lion Hotel, the heat will be up, the services will be intense
and the chefs stamina will be tested.

However I have a few things in store for you lucky readers over the summer season coming up. What
is it you ask?? Well I won’t keep you on the edge of your seats any longer

 - I’m going to bring you a weekly recipe of one of the great creations that we have in the Red
Lion kitchen each week

 - A little something about a great food ingredient that is in season at the moment and that we
should all be eating, I will also give away a couple of ideas how to use the ingredient

 - What inspired me this week and how it relates to what I put on a plate each week

Watch this space…this is going to be the most exciting summer yet in The Red Lion kitchen