Carnival & Parade

03 September 2019

It is here!! The end of Carnival week in Cromer, what a 50th anniversary of the great event for our seaside town we have had.

Crazy!!! Relentless!!! Exhausting!!! Organised Chaos!!! Just a few of the words myself and the kitchen team have used throughout the week.

My friends and family ask me ‘How do you keep a passion for food? When weeks like carnival are so full on and fast paced in the kitchen? You come home exhausted after being in the kitchen all day and night?’ Well as you can see in the picture I still get the time to enjoy carnival week with my son on my days off. He is where the passion and effort to always be better comes from… the legacy that I try to build in the dishes I create, will make that happy boy a proud man in many years time.