A Dog's Perspective

16 May 2019

A Dog’s Blog
By Elvis (Welsh Terrier)

Out of all the places Mum & Dad take me one of my favourites is definitely The Red Lion at Cromer. Dad says he hadn’t been to Cromer since his childhood holidays 40 years ago but we all love it so much they’ve already brought me here twice in 3 months this year.
So what’s so great? Well, for a start all of the Red Lion humans make such a fuss of me, announcing “Elvis is in the building” whenever I walk in (I don’t really get it but the humans think it’s funny). 
Once I’ve greeted everyone and made it upstairs there’s always my very own comfy bed waiting, sprinkled with treats, which I have to race Mum and Dad for. I wouldn’t mind but they don’t even eat them, they just hide them from me!
We’ve stayed in two rooms so far and both have been huge, plenty of space for me, the humans and all their walking gear. Don’t ask me why we need so much kit just for walking - four paws and a towel is all that’s needed! 
Last time we stayed in room 7 and I was even allowed out on the balcony because the thoughtful Red Lion humans have made sure that the railings are close enough to make it safe for me.
My only criticism is there’s never any other doggy smells to sniff. In fact Mum & Dad (to whom these things are important) say that The Red Lion is one of the most spotlessly clean places they’ve stayed. Apparently the human beds are really comfy too but I have to take their word for that.
Downstairs I’m welcomed in the bar and the front restaurant so I can join Mum and Dad for breakfast, which is one of the best times of the day because I get my own sausage!
I get a bit nervous that Mum and Dad might get too comfy with the stunning sea views from the bedrooms, bar and restaurant but as it’s just a few steps down onto the huge beach it’s easy to entice them outside. And then we walk for miles in either direction, along the beach or the coast path.
After our walks we always seems to have to paws in the bar before going back upstairs. To me water is water but Dad insists that the range of local real ales needs to be fully sampled.
For now though, “Elvis has left the building” (as all the humans say when we check-out), so I’m going to have a snooze and dream about that huge beach and our next stay at The Red Lion.