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Adventures with Drones, Filming and Various Seagulls

Cromer’s 2017 started with a storm for the history books; and as the thunder crashed and lightening blazed above the waves we were struck by a brilliant idea!

Having seen the local news footage featuring some spectacular aero-visual footage from local Photography and Drone expert; Chris Taylor, we knew exactly who to contact for this project. Chris was as enthusiastic as we were and ready to embark on this project never before attempted in the UK; to fly a drone across the landscape before diving in through our front doors and showcasing the essence of the Red Lion Hotel. 

As the wheels got turning and we had the chance to meet with Chris our small idea of one video escalated into an entire series of videos, each with its own theme, competition and live-video reveals accompanying every video.

So we knew what we wanted and how we wanted to do it! Everything was ready and set to go – but despite being the inspiration for the project the weather was against us, plaguing us with ominous clouds and rain for weeks on end! It wasn’t until almost two months after the initial idea that filming could commence.

On March 13th the skies were blue, the sea was quiet and we had access to vast amounts of caffeine for our early morning start. So with some eager volunteers we began. Through multiple games of ‘Can you see the drone?’ and ‘Would that look better an inch to the right?’ we managed to get every shot.

But alas the work was not done; as any photographer or film-ographer can attest ‘post production is where the hard work begins’. During the following month each video was carefully edited, music selected and re-shoots took place but finally on April 21st they were complete.

So now we have five videos and a plethora of ideas to embark upon in the future!

Why not take a look at all the videos below and see which is your favourite? Also if you keep an eye on our facebook page there will be some competitions coming up with each video, it only takes 10 seconds to enter and may provide you with a good excuse to come see the Cromer Coast first hand!

If you would like see more of Chris Taylors wonderful work just follow this link Chris Taylor Photography


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